Drilling for Oil Without Incident

Over the past couple of years, the news has been filled with events of spills and other oil drilling-related disasters that have damaged the environment. Because of this, many people are against drilling for oil. However, many of these people do not know that if drilling is performed properly, it is a safe process for both workers and the environment.

How Does Oil Drilling Work?

Locating Oil

When oil is suspected in the Earth’s crust, geologists use a variety of methods to narrow an oil trap to a precise location. First, these geologists use satellite images to examine surface rocks and soil. Samples may also be obtained in some cases. The flow of oil can also be identified through the use gravity meters. These devices identify fluctuations in the Earth’s gravity, a key sign of liquid flowing through a pocket. An examination of the Earth’s magnetic field can also be used to located oil traps. Shock waves are the most common and effective method of locating oil pockets. They work in a manner that is similar to a submarine’s sonar. Once an oil trap is precisely located, the preparations for drilling can begin.

Prior to drilling, geologists will map out the boundaries of the land or seafloor, while attorneys receive the appropriate legal permissions. Environmental impact studies will also be conducted to ensure that drilling will not damage the seafloor or disrupt a large amount of local wildlife. If the drilling is approved in all areas, the land will be prepared for drilling. First, the land will be cleared and leveled. Next, a water source will be connected to the drill site. After this, a reserve pit will be dug and lined with plastic. This will be used to store waste and protect the environment during the drilling process.

After the initial preparations are complete, the main hole is dug for the drilling project. Outside of this, holes are dug out for the rig and work space for the crew and other drilling equipment. When over a body of water, the rig and work space are built onto a barge instead of additional holes. When it is time for the drilling process, the drill and oil pipe are placed into the hole. The drill breaks into the oil trap and the pipe extracts oil. Readjustments may be necessary when the oil levels begin to decrease.

When all of the drilling processes are done properly with top-quality equipment, the risk of environmental damage is quite low. This ensures that companies like RK Pipe are able to work efficiently while keeping the environment clean.

Oil Drilling is essential to our economy

One of the biggest economic developments in the United States over the past couple of years is the growth in drilling for oil. In 2014 and 2015 the price of crude oil plunged around the world as the growth in the US supply of oil made the price of oil go down around the world. In addition to influencing the supply and price of oil, drilling also provides millions of jobs to people around the United States. Oil and Natural Gas have become two of the most important sectors of the economy in the United States. Companies like RK Pipe have benefited greatly from the oil boom and are more profitable than ever.

Why is Drilling Important

In order to find new sources of oil, the oil must be drilled for. In many cases, this takes a lot of equipment and man power in order to reach the oil. These things are good for the economy because the spending on capital equipment goes back in to the economy and the money that people make from drilling from the oil does as well. There are many areas of the country like North Dakota that are reliant on oil demand. There have been many economic boom towns pop up all over the country as a result of the increased supply and demand for oil. Finally, there are many people that have billions of dollars in wealth tied up in oil fields, and their economic fortunes are tied to the black gold.

Gasoline Prices

Another big reason that oil drilling is essential to our economy is that the price of gas in the United States influences many other economic factors. Everything from retail spending to miles traveled every year is affected by the price of gas. At the end of the day, many families are struggling to make ends meet. This means that a one dollar reduction per gallon in gas can translate in to savings of a couple hundred dollars every month. This can then be spent in other sectors of the economy or can be used to pay off debt. No matter how it is used, it is still beneficial to the economy as whole when oil drilling and production is increased. Oil drilling paves the way for more jobs, higher wealth numbers, and larger consumer spending the United States economy and that is why it is so important.